Model 800A - Wheelchair Compatible

Comfort Station

Patents Issued and Pending

Ships Fully Assembled or in Kit Form
Standard Features
Ceramic Toilet -Ceramic Sink -
Automatic Shut of Chrome Faucet -
Rear Water and Waste Connections
Non Skid Floor -  ½" Fluted  Pebbled Graffiti Resistant Walls  - Removable  Treated Wooden Base -   Foaming Hand Soap Dispenser -Paper Towel and  9" Toilet Tissue Dispensers  -  Grab Bars - ADA Compliant Toilet Seat  - Electricity - Safety Light - Motion Sensor - Exhaust Fan  Mirror -  Indicator Door Handle - Inside Privacy  Lock -  Clothes Hooks - Smoke Detector - Full Complement of 
Optional Equipment For Model 800A Comfort Station
Model SCR 369 Shower Change Room Utility Building
Ships Fully Assembled or in Kit Form
Dimensions: 60" x 84" x 41"
                      1.52m x 2.13m x 1.04m
Left Front Side View
of Shower and Utility Building
Model SCR 369 Shower Change Room with a Handwash Sink
Flat Floor Utility Building 
Office - Command  and Control -
ATM Station - Ticket Booth - Storage Unit
Model FCSR 260 Folding Comfort Station
Installed on a Remanufactured
or New Porta John® Folding Chassis
Dimensions: 42" x 42" x 82"
                       1.07m x 1.07m x 2.08m
Standard Features
Ceramic Toilet - Ceramic Sink - Automatic Shut of Chrome Faucet - Rear Water and Waste Connections -
Non Skid Floor   - -   Foaming Hand Soap Dispenser -Paper Towel and  9" Toilet Tissue Dispensers  -  Mirror -  Indicator Door Handle - Inside Privacy  Lock -  Clothes Hooks - Full Complement of consumables
Ground Level -  No Chemicals - No Waste in Lavatory Stall
"When You Need Us We Are Priceless"
Porta John® Comfort Station Pictorials
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No Excavation Required
Rear Plumbing Connections for all
Comfort Stations 
Water Source Is Garden Hose
or Hard Plumbed
Waste Disposal is 3" PVC with Fernco