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Turkel House is the only Frank Lloyd Wright Designed  Building in the City of Detroit

Fig. 2  Foaming Hand Soap Dispenser is  Refillable and Effective

Fig.3  Foaming Hand Sanitizer and Foaming Soap Dispenser

is Produced in the USA for Easy


Fig. 4  Hand Sanitizer Gel

is FDA Approved 

Fig.1 We clean-up with the best and are proud of the company we keep.

Fig. 4. Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

With Gel Refill 30 day Delivery

Fig. 5. Safe and Healthy Way to Advertise Your Product, Name or Business

With a Pocket Sanitizer

Foaming Hand Sanitizer

Alcohol Free

No Water Required 

No Rinse Required

Kills 99.9% of germs.

Contains a Moisturizer

Long Lasting Protection

Foaming Hand Soap

Requires Water

Standard In Our Comfort Stations

Kills 99.9% of Germs

Contains Moisturizer

Long--Lasting Protection

Fig. 6 Foaming Hand
Sanitizer Dispenser
Fig. 7. Foaming Soap

When You Need Us, We Are Priceless

HandSanitizerStation.com   HandSanitizerStand.com
Patents Pending


Model FPHW 4545

Clean Hands With Safe Social Distancing
HandWashStation.com   HandWashSystem.com
Made In USA
4545 Open Lid View
Paper Towel Dispenser
Ships Fully Assembled
With Consumables
Model 4545 Hand Sanitizer Options
Option: Two Hand Sanitizers and One Gallon of Hand Sanitizer Solution
Standard Sink Foot Pump
Soap Reservoir and 
Waste Basket

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Porta John® Comfort Station Pictorials
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No Excavation Required
Screen Shot 2019-12-02 at 2.55.18 PM.png
Rear Plumbing Connections for all
Comfort Stations 
Water Source Is Garden Hose
or Hard Plumbed
Waste Disposal is 3" PVC with Fernco